When you join a gym, a personal trainer does not come with the package.  At most gyms, you have to pay additional money on top of your gym membership fees in order to have a trainer work with you.  If you choose to hire me as your personal trainer, there is only one fee that you pay for a wide variety of workouts.  These workouts include cardio sets, core workouts, weighted bar exercises, kettle bells, weighted balls, bands, etc.  No gym membership dues, no extra money for cardio classes, spin classes, etc.  My exercise programs are all-inclusive!  

Many people are most comfortable exercising in the comforts of their own home, but lack the self-motivation to initiate and continue with an exercise program.  Some people don't know what kind of exercises they should be doing to achieve their goals.  Others may lack knowledge of the role and significance that our diets play in our lives.  Regular exercise multiple days during the week will be of benefit only to the extent that we eat foods that promote strong muscles and give our bodies the nutrients we need.  Nutrition accounts for approximately 80% of our overall health and fitness.

Arming yourself with health and fitness knowledge is the first step.  It's time to take the next step and apply this knowledge to your everyday life!  It's time to call an experienced personal trainer who is passionate about helping others to achieve their health and fitness.